Great commission

As with so many epiphanies in Scripture, the disciples were guided to a mountain, this one in Galilee, for Jesus’ parting commission.

To the mountain we go, both reverent and doubtful, commissioned for journeys both near and afar.

Here on this mountain, we are welcomed, doubts and all. Here we are invested with an authority the world does not recognize, much less endorse.

To the mountain we go, with our hopes and our heartaches; confessing, professing, processing in faith.

Here on this mountain we gain global vision and then discern our small part in that great drama. It’s a risk-your-assets kind of calling.

To the mountain we go, for the baptismal vision of life lived unleashed in the Commissioner’s pow’r!

So tarry on this mountain. Be still and know that Mercy’s full measure is given for guidance in the trials to come.

Then from the mountain we’ll march through the hollows, discipling the nations to the end of the age.

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Matthew 28:16-20.