Justice and peace will kiss

A litany for worship, inspired by Psalm 85

by Ken Sehested

All glory to you, Gracious One, who smiles on the earth, restoring the fortunes of our ancestors.

In your presence, the weight of shame is lifted, and we are drenched in pardon.

The cooling of your anger lifts mist into the air, and the fields drink their fill.

Restore us again, Savior and Friend; revive us to the joy of unyielding fidelity and steadfast love.

Unstop your ears, all creatures of earth, to the Voice of the Beloved!

*Allah will speak peace: Salaam! Shalom!

Steadfast love and faithfulness will embrace; justice and peace will kiss.

Earth’s soil sprouts your unflagging Presence; the skies radiate the integrity of your Way.

A good and gracious Countenance yields fertile goodness and bountiful mercy in our midst.

The steps of the One We Adore are marked and measured: By power forged in truth and molded in mercy.

O lovers of God, rejoice!

And again I say, Rejoice!


*”Allah” is not a Muslim name for God; it is the Arabic name for God. Christians throughout the Middle East use the word in personal and public prayer and worship.

©ken sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org

Ken Sehested, Circle of Mercy, 7.16.06, inspired by Psalm 85