The payback of Heaven

A litany for worship inspired by Psalm 103

The payback of Heaven neither tortures nor torments.

The vengeance of God is Christ’s victory of mercy,
o’er all venal indenture and vile deception.

The terror of God is the Risen One’s threat
to every merchant of death, every marketer’s breath,
every peddler of gun-wielding promise of power,

Whose assault is but aimed at the shame which
confounds and ensnares you.

Rise up with joy, every fleshly heart, to greet the
      One who entreats you;
Who from the dust has made you,
                              Who savors you,
                  Who knows you by name
                  and now comes to reclaim.

For your Champion shall raise you
      with Pardon’s full measure.
Earth’s delight will one day rise up
            to embrace the treasure
            of God’s steadfast love,
                  now and ever.

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