The Land of Christ: A Palestinian Cry

by Yohanna Katanacho, reviewed by Dan Buttry

Katanacho is dean and faculty member at Nazareth Evangelical College, located in the city the Gospels identify as Jesus’ boyhood home in northern Israel. He was the co-author of "The Palestinian Kairos Document" which addresses the issues of Israel, Palestine, the Occupation, and Christian theology, faith, and practice. In speaking of the "Theology of Resistance,” Katanacho writes about Jesus' command to love our enemies:  "Love opens the channels of communication. It should provoke Palestinians and Israelis to talk to each other, instead of killing each other. It should help them to pursue justice and security together for love is not an excuse to abandon justice, but an opportunity to pursue it." Given the support of “Christian Zionism” in many US churches, especially among evangelicals, Katanacho’s voice needs to be heard. —Dan Buttry is a global missions consultant for peace and justice with American Baptist Churches International Ministries