Hallowed Week

A call to worship for All Hallows' Eve and All Saints Day

by Abigail Hastings

We come again to a time when mortals
            play out the battle of good and evil.
Before the goodness of the saints is delivered to us,
We must face the dark night
Don our courage
Wear it like a shield and
Say BOO! to the darkness
            before it engulfs us.

We make play of our fears
We cover our faces, disguise our bodies
We peer out into that world of shadows and light
And we think, for a time, we can prevail.

But the dark night of the soul
Will come round again
And that ability to meet it
            once more
Will make saints of us all.

For the questions, for the doubt,
            for the despair and longing,
For the joy that comes in the morning,
We turn to God
            for a place to be—
A respite and safe haven
A gathering of souls.

This is such a place
Here we are given the time
To know and be known
To enter in worship and communion
To puzzle out the tricks
            and celebrate the treats.

You are invited to this time of worship.

©Abigail Hastings @ prayerandpolitiks.org