Good news report from Gerald

First prayer&politiks annual report

A note from Gerald, prayer&politiks’ guardian angel and synod convener

GOOD NEWS!  The advisory synod overseeing the vision and mission of prayer&politiks has heartily recommended another year of work.

When prayer&politiks began in November 2014, the commitment was for one year, to assess whether the need and the support was evident. In September we employed a communications consultant to help with evaluation. Her conclusions: both the quantity and the quality of the survey returns were “exceptional.”

            “You have a loyal base of readers and significant indicators of future financial support.”

As it happens, contributor income (to date) for 2015 is $1,436. Expenses: $1,440 (not counting consultant costs). The goal for this year was break even. Been there, done that.

To be sustainable in the long run, however, will require a modest monthly salary ($1,000) for the editor/author, whose weekly work averages 42 hours for research, writing, designing and posting. Thus our development goal for the next three years is to enlist 300 readers willing to contribute an average of $1 per week, for a total annual budget of $15,600.

It’s an ambitious—but not fanciful—goal.

So, angelic accolades to all who participated in the survey. (Your editorial suggestions will help refine prayer&politiks’ content.)


P.S. If you’ve not yet completed a survey—please do!—you can access the survey here.