This is something you must do

This Saturday. You need to be there. Even if it’s inconvenient. Even if you have to travel some distance. Even if you have to rearrange your day. Dare to be bothered. Endure whatever bad weather brings your way. Even if you had other plans, postpone them. Allow whatever discomfort you endure to signify your commitment in addressing the outrage in which we now live.

Collar one or more of your friends and say, “I really need you to do this with me..”

Support our young people in calling for sensible gun policy reforms. The weight these young people bring to the public debate may very well tip the balance and overthrow the NRA’s stranglehold on our public policy decision making.

Our nation is an outlier among the family of nations in the easy access to guns we allow resulting in 20 times or more deaths compared to other nations, who look at us with pity and alarm. Our nation is at war in several countries; and yet the deaths of children by guns in our own nation far surpasses the fatality rate of our troops in combat abroad.

If you’re never marched, well, this is your exception. It is literally the case that lives depend on your presence. Many people profit from the way things are, and it will take a massive turnout to disrupt the political equilibrium that keeps things the way they are. Our elected officials are scared to death of the clout the NRA brings to the table. This march will indicate to our public servants that we—who formerly stayed on the sideline in this debate—are now up on our feet, lending our voices, and providing the needed political coverage for legislators to reclaim their courage.

This Saturday, young people (and supportive families) will undertake a “March for Our Lives” in the US and worldwide, calling for an end to gun violence. There are already 763 events on the schedule. Go here <> for a searchable database to see if one is planned in your vicinity.

If you don’t have children or grandchildren of your own at stake, do it for the children in your church, the children in your neighborhood, the children in the nearby schools. Let your legs do you praying for what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “The Beloved Community.”

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