Welcome to Ordinary Time!

A word from Gerald, the prayer&politiks guardian angel

Today we leave behind the bold drama and bright colors of the church year’s mountain range—Advent to Christmas, Ash Wednesday to Easter, all setting the stage for yesterday’s Pentecostal flames. (See the special artwork at bottom.) Now we descend to the plains of “ordinary” time and muted earth tones.


Not mundane or insignificant by any means. Even in his fantastical imagination, William Blake knew that “whoever would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars.”

Those of us in prayer&politiks’ corporate headquarters think of ourselves as one of those particulars. But, as you know, after the ecstasy comes the laundry. Our laundry list goes like this:

•In 2015 we received just under $2,000 in donations and spent just under $5,000. Not great, but still within a 3-year plan to become self-sustaining. (After that, maybe a modest salary.)

•In 2016 we’ll need to raise $3,500 for operations and another $2,000 for promotion. As you know, the Web is a crowded field. We’re convinced a bunch of folk would love us if we could get introduced.

So, this is the altar call. Is prayer&politiks worth a dollar a week to you? (About 0.0005¢ a word for the weekly posting.) Maybe the cost of a tank of gas per year?

Now would be a good time to say so.


P.S. Use the “donate” button on our site for electronic contributions. Or mail your check to prayer&politiks, 358 Brevard Rd, Asheville NC 28806.