Why is it hard to say thanks?

10 reasons

by Ken Sehested

1. Often, just because we’re not paying attention.

2. The barrage of demands on our time and energy creates “tunnel vision,” making it difficult to see anything that’s not directly in front of our noses.

3. The world owes me! Why should I say thanks for the things I deserve?

4. Saying thanks means I will be in someone’s debt—I’ll have to return the favor later on—and I’ve already gone beyond my credit limit.

5. Saying thank you is a form of weakness—and there are many predators out there looking to exploit such weakness.

6. My Mama taught me to say please-and-thank-you, but she doesn’t know how the world really works.

7. To thank someone is to admit they are your equal. And if you are equal, then I’m not special.

8. If you’re going to succeed in this life, you’ve got to have an edge. Saying thanks dulls the edge.

9. Saying thanks is admitting I’m not self-sufficient. I don’t do dependency. Only the strong survive.

10. I work hard. I earned what I got. I’m the captain of my own ship, and I don’t take on passengers.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org