The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus

Reflecting on our political pandemonium
through the lens of an ancient religious observance

Ken Sehested
Text: Luke 24:44-53

12 May 2024, Circle of Mercy Congregation, Asheville, NC

Invocation. “People killin’, people dyin’ / Children hurt and you hear them cryin’ / Can you practice what you preach / And would you turn the other cheek.” —Black Eyed Peas, “#WHEREISTHELOVE

§  §  §

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We live in a fretful land

A litany for worship regarding the plight of immigrants

Gracious One, who jealously guards the lives of those at every edge, we lift our heavy hearts to your Mercy. Corrosive leaders claim that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.”

We live in a fretful land, anxious over the ebbing away of privilege, fearful that strangers are stealing our birthright.

Loud, insistent voices demand a return to “the rule of law.”

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MercyMovers – Getting ready to move

Getting ready to move

Things to think about

MercyMovers is a mission group of Circle of Mercy Congregation, assisting members (and, occasionally, others) when they need to relocate.

We’re happy to help you move. Attached are a series of recommendations—things you should think about—based on our collective experience (of about 2 moves per year since 2002.)

Most importantly, though, be aware of these limitations:

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