Acquainted with grief

A litany for worship inspired by Psalm 42

by Ken Sehested

"Why are you cast down,
      O my soul,
             and why are you
      disquieted within me?" (Psalm 42:5a)

We are a people acquainted with grief.
In the bonds of this Body none need be embarrassed
     at the sound of sobbing, of the soul’s aching groan.

Here the tear is neither
     uncommon nor unwelcomed.

Here the strong confess their doubts,
     the fluent run out of words.

Here the gentle speak their rant and
     the hesitant shout their rage.

Here we acknowledge life’s daily
     bout matching
           faith with fear,
           hope with despair,
           love with contention,
           and joy with complaint.

We do so for matters whether
           small and personal,
           or large and public;
           whether near or afar,
           both named and anonymous.

Despite the odds-maker’s wager,
     we march on unencumbered:
           Sustained by the cadence
                                   of enamoring grace.

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