All these things and more

Peace, like a river. Praise, like a songbird. Joy, like a fountain.

All these things, and more, in my soul.

I’ve got tears, like raindrops. Heartaches, by the handful. And protest—Lordy me, have I got protests.

All these things, and more, in my soul.

Oh, Giver of good gifts, steel my soul with endurance, to sustain my living and loving. Grant a sturdier heart, one strong enough to stand up to the journey’s brambles and cold nights. Grant sharp eyes to spot those lost sheep, and an equal share of courage to face wild beasts.

All these things, and more, in my soul.

Bless your Maker, oh people. Rejoice in your Redeemer, you young and you old. Stand ready, open-handed, for the singeing promise of Pentecostal fire.

We have been smelted in refining furnace; caught in the net of enmity; burdened with the toil of anxious labor; plunged beneath drowning waters. But God has heard our prayers and heeded our petitions.

The Blessed One brings us from cramped quarters to spacious land. Lifted us from river’s torrent to dry land. Secured our footing along perilous mountain paths.

Therefore, speak, you faint of heart, for God listens!

Let the Spirit tickle your funny-bone, for Heaven’s Humor promises a surprising, unbelievably delightful ending in store for you! Come near to the Mercy Seat, for your failures do not define your future!

Rejoice, oh people! And again we say, rejoice!

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Psalm 66.