Ashen complaint

A Lenten prayer, inspired by Psalm 27

by Ken Sehested

Fretfully does my heart drag its heels into the sanctuary of delight. For my wanton days and weary praise reveal the toll taken by life’s relentless demands

To where shall I appeal for release from such encumbrance? To whom shall I turn to lay these burdens down

Attend the sighs of your world-weary children, O Father of fealty, O Mother of mercy

Yoke us to provident release from sin’s increase, unburdening strain and stress. Grant rest and relief from heartache and grief; grant power to praise and to bless

Wait, wait for the Lord, O child of cherished morrow, you whose heart is pledged to the tender of days and destiny’s grace. Be strong, take heart.

All ashen complaint will modulate into praise: The goodness of God shall resound in the land of the living!

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