A litany for worship inspired by Matthew 5:1-12

by Ken Sehested

Blessed are the poor, they shall all be raised
Blessed, you mournful, sorrow turning to praise
Blessed are the meek, all the earth be yours
Blessed: all the hungry-hearted shall endure.

Chorus:  Rock on, you beatitudes, teach me to pray.
               Rock on, you beatitudes, help me obey.
               Jesus, lead me on along the Pilgrim Way.
               Rock on, ‘til the coming of the Bright New Day.

Blessed be the merciful, you’ll get the same
Blessed, pure in spirit, God will call you by name
Blessed every peace-imparted soul, rejoice!
God-birthed children gonna raise their voice!   Chorus

Blessed, when the persecutors wale on you;
Rejoice, be glad, God will pull you through.
Salt of the earth and light for the world,
Good God a’mighty let your flag unfurl!    Chorus

These lyrics may be sung to the tune of "Love is the Water,” by Pat Wictor

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