Big band or bluegrass

A litany for worship inspired by Psalm 98

by Ken Sehested

Open your mouths, oh people of praise. Unchain your lungs and unleash your lips.

Let joyful noise erupt from every muted tongue, thankful hymns from every muffled mouth.

Compose a new song for the Chorister of Heaven. A cappella or symphonic, let the sound rise like leaven.

Whether big band or bluegrass or rhythm and blues.

Polka or hip-hop, bebop or swing. Salsa, Gregorian or adagio for strings.

Waltz, mariachi, Gospel or zydeco. Hillbilly, honky tonk, ragtime or calypso.

Classical, Dixieland, sacred harp or sonata. Motown, madrigal, tango or cantata.

Let the sea roar its tune, you harbors reply; you floods clap your hands, you hills cast your cry.

The melody of justice, the harmony of grace, returns for an encore of righteous embrace.

Regardless your rhythm, whatever your rhyme, may the anthem of mercy keep you tuned and in time.

©Ken Sehested @