Bodies in gear

Thus sayeth the Spirit, through the Apostle’s letter
to the church in Rome:

I appeal to you, beloveds, by the tender intention of
     heaven’s Delight,
let your spiritual response put your bodies in gear.

I’ve had enough—thank you very much—of your
     groveling prayers,
your profit-minded flattery, and every pissy-pious
           haggling for divine favor.

I want flesh-and-blood in the bargain, not your
     sentimental fawning.

Put some skin in the game. Put your assets on the line.

Put your corpus in motion to the rhythm of Redemption.

The Spirit of This Age is happy for you to give your heart
to Jesus—or be at One with the Divine Presence—just as
long as He-She-It doesn’t mess with your bank account.

But you are to live by the beat of the Age to Come—
     (which—Wake up!—even now is meddling
                       with the-way-things-are.)

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Romans 12:1-2.