Bold and unbounded

In every age frenzied and fretful people align themselves against the Sovereign’s provision, flailing in fear, terror-tempted, hoarding-handed, proclaiming my life is my own and none have a claim, on earth or in heaven.

Grant, O God, in such an age, that your servants will not cower in the face of such threats, but announce Heaven’s hospitable terms for earth’s healing and wholeness.

O Holy Spirit, bold and unbounded, marking Messiah and every messenger of redemption, work again your signs and wonders amid this circle of mercy.

Shake us, remake us as salvaging agents, mending and tending earth’s wreckage and ruin.

Signs and wonders, unleashed in our midst!

Healing earth, hailing heaven, rejoicing evermore!

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Acts 4:24-31.