Breath of Heaven

A litany for worship inspired by Psalm 71

by Ken Sehested

O Breath of Heaven and Earth’s Delight, to your shelter we flee from enmity’s fright.

Incline your ear to each whimpering voice collapsed by the weight of earth-splitting fear.

O Rock of Ages, refuge of sages, deflect every threat of sin-soaked rages.

From murderous scheme and unraveling seam deliver from slavery to freedom’s bright dream.

Let not the work of Creation’s good pleasure be subject to plundering, pillaging measure.

Speak pardon to injury; mercy to adversity; entreat us and greet us with grace-filled audacity.

’Twas your hand that caught us, squalling glee with our lung when, from mother’s full womb, we emerged: Praise be sung!

Unbind us, remind us, entwined as we are with joy, adoration, dark night’s guiding star.

©Ken Sehested @