Bright Sadness

In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the season of Lent is described as a “bright sadness.”

In the sadness that surrounds our lives, our community, our world, we give thanks, nevertheless. More is at work than we can see.

Lent is a time for clearing and cleansing. Dustballs happen.

In the midst of life’s crippling failures, we still give thanks. In the midst of Fox News’ deceptions, we still give thanks. Nevertheless, nevertheless.

Lent is a time for checking appetites. Longings and desires, created for pleasure in God’s bountiful creation, have come unleashed.

Nevertheless, the bright sound of earth’s promise brings joy to our lips. Tether us anew to your Provision.

During Lent we follow Jesus into the desert, grappling with the distorted longings and lusts that corrupt the world and even our own hearts.

Even so, more is at work than we can see. The Spirit is not quenched. How can I keep from singing!

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by the hymn “How Can I Keep From Singing.”