Buttered hot biscuits

Inspired by Romans 12:9-21

Sisters and brothers: Before we get down to business, wrestling with what the Spirit has to say today, let’s do some stretching exercises. Don’t want any muscle strains in the house of the Beloved. Easy does it—bend and stretch and tip-toe fetch.

Love from your devotion, not from your ambition.

Be quick to praise, slow to blame.

Don’t quit in hard times. Show what you’re made of.

Practice hospitality—without issuing debt.

Laugh ‘til you cry with friends in their rejoicing; cry ‘til you laugh with those doubled in grief.

Don’t wrestle with pigs. It only makes them mad and makes you muddy.

Be relentless in prayer, patient in pardoning, quick to encourage, and urgent to amend.

Don’t fight fire with fire—let your baptismal waters do their work.

Settle old scores with buttered hot biscuits.

Now the warm-ups are over. Ready to break a sweat?

Descend, Holy Spirit. Take us to the mat.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org