By Love Possessed – A Doxology

Old tune, new lyrics

by Ken Sehested
(sung to the tune "Old Hundredth")

Oh, Blessed One, choired angels sing
Of life surrendered, offering
The power to bless as blessed we are
To welcome strangers near and far.

Oh, Ancient Promise, tune thine ear
To pain and suff’ring, linger near.
Cast off the rule of wail and woe.
Thy tender love on us bestow.

O, Jealous One, of cov’nant vow,
Recast the sword from threat to plow.
Remold Earth’s fury by thy Word
All flesh observe thy grace conferred.

May all my ways through all my days,
Befriend thy justice, sing thy praise.
Conformed no more to sin’s distress.
Thy sovereign reign uphold and bless.

My heart’s desire shall always be,
Nearer—my God—always to thee.
My soul, content, now finds its home
In sheltered hearth no more to roam.

These are the words we long to hear:
Sweet tidings sound, of hope and cheer.
Thus, in death’s hour, our final test,
Our hearts secured, by love possessed.

Sing to our God with cheerful voice
Let Resurrection joy foretell
Life in the Spirit’s breath rejoice

The Most High One is God indeed
Without our hand the world was made
Yet would not leave us in our need
But walks among us unafraid

Therefore, lift hand in earnest praise
With joyful heart rise up and sing
Mercy now marking all our days
Obedient love our offering

Come, Spirit, set our lives afire
With hopeful dreams of earth renewed
With us abide, with us conspire
For wrath’s demise, all death subdued

Nearer, my God, to Thee I cling
May grace forever mark my way
And though I face death’s final sting
I know Thy love shall ne’er betray

Though darkness threaten Love’s consent
Though feet, confounded, lose their way
Yet doth my heart rest, confident
Of Incarnation’s full display

©Ken Sehested @