By the Word of Truth

By the Word of Truth we are nursed and nestled.
We are cradled, caressed, and sanctified.

But the Word of Truth is more than flapping
tongue, more than motoring mouth, more than
syllable after endless sentence designed to
deceive and disguise and delude.

Not just comfort of soul does the Truth convey:
It embeds the mandate of earth’s redemption.
All who are bound by liberty’s law are pledged to
           Insurrection’s promise:
                 its covenant with widows,
                 its assurance to orphans,
                 its welcome to strangers and aliens.

Until the tongue can substitute for legs, use your feet
to do the Truth and walk its Way.

            But know this:

Doing the Truth may raise blisters
on your feet, calluses on your hands,
           sweat running down
     from forehead to finger.

Yet still, by the Word of Truth does
     the Beloved provoke.
May such Light dark’s dominion eclipse.

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by James 1:17-27.