By Thy might

A litany for worship inspired by Psalm 31

by Ken Sehested

The Rock of the Righteous is our God:

Who marks the boundaries between justice and vengeance;

Who blazes the Way from enmity to peace;

Who causes the wicked to stumble in their folly

But protects the weak against howling storms of contempt.

Oh, Strong Refuge, incline your ear to the clamor of children and all of weary voice.

Hasten now, all you whose life is spent with sorrow, you of bone-wasting days, of sighing weeks and storm-tossed years,

You who endure contentious tongues, threatened by gangsters and banksters of every sort,

Come to the Sheltering Presence of the One who knows,

The One who tapes your photo to Heaven’s refrigerator door,

The One who rekindles in you the gift of love on the wings of a dove.

Thou who hast by thy might led us into the light, keep us forever in the path, we pray.*

*Last line from “Lift Every Voice and Sing”
©Ken Sehested @