Come into the desert

The time has come to flee Pharaoh’s national security state for the insecurity of the wilderness.

Led by the Spirit and sustained by angels, we head to the desert for a throw-down with the Devil.

Fear not. God will sustain you. Your clothes will not wear out, your feet will not swell.

And yet we tremble: Why have you led us from the prosperous land of shopping and shiny plastic things on this highway to the danger zone?

What could be wrong with harvesting bread from stones? And a little Vegas-style magic?

Why not lay claim on all the world’s kingdoms? Wasn’t Jesus “exceptional”?

And don’t we, his followers, get a piece of that action?

Can God spread a table in the wilderness without Wall Street backing?

Come into the desert, O people of Mercy, to find the One whom your heart most desires.

Inspired by Matt 4:1–11 & Deut 8:1–10. ©Ken Sehested @