In the land of sky

In the land of sky, with eyes’ consent
To bless majestic firmament
Descend to every heart’s lament

Of thee, O Christ, I sing.

Fill all thy saints with gentleness,
With patient passion, humbleness
Now walk in paths of blessedness

One Hope to which I cling.

To bonds of peace the Spirit leads
Submerged in grace, then raised to feed
A famished world laid bare with greed

Undo death’s fearsome sting.

O Land of Sky, knit arms with Head
By truth’s confession raising dead
All blistered souls now bound in dread

Rejoice! Let freedom ring.

You prisoners of Christ, now blessed
With confidence and holiness
Forbearing each with love’s caress

 Spirit’s mark adorning

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Ephesians 4:1-16, in a 2009 commissioning service for the newly-formed Land of Sky United Church of Christ.