Is the Lord with us?

Into this House of Memory we gather with our young to bless them on their way. As with the Israelites, it is a journey of many stages. Hear these instructions, sons and daughters of promise:

The road to Freedom lies outside the border and bond of empire.

The escape begins in the shivering dark of urgent haste, creeping past sentries, no bounty for provision, no destination save that spoken by the wind. And you will have cause to ask:

Is the Lord with us, or not?

It races on, barely ahead of devouring armies, and comes abruptly to the sea of no return.

Is the Lord with us, or not?

The path through drowning waters will open, but not before you wade in, up to your neck. Scant direction is offered, save a cloud of presence by day, a lightning bolt by night.

Is the Lord with us, or not?

Past the sea comes the desert, a parched land and a relentless horizon. In each of these places—and more—you will cry out,

Is the Lord with us, or not!

Is the struggle worth the trouble?

Worthy indeed!

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by the Exodus story for ues in Circle of Mercy’s “Bagmitzvah”ritual for younger children’s transition to remaining in worship.