Lean toward the land

Oh people of Promise, let your eyes arise to the
hills above the hollows, where a cleft is prepared
and your sustenance is proffered.

God will not let your foot be moved. Heaven’s
Sheltering Wing neither sleeps nor slumbers.

The MercyFull One is your keeper. The tree
of righteousness towers above you.

Under its shading presence the sun shall not
harass you by day, nor the moon haunt you by night.

The Blessed One will keep you from all evil
and will sustain your life.

Therefore lean toward the land whose warrant
wills that all lament shall yield to laughter.

Let your hearts be upheld by the Presence
who lingers in love above your going out
and your coming in,

between your harbor safe and the sea’s contention,
from this day on, from now and henceforth.

Forever and ever and ever, Amen!

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Inspired by Ps 121.