Let Wisdom’s Way endure

A litany for worship inspired by Psalm 107

Listen now you who linger in wasted lands, consumed with wanton hearts: The Blessed One has eyes and ears opened and tuned to the cries of your distress.

Give thanks and rejoice you faint-of-limb and sick-of-soul: An open gate of Quenching Delight stands eager to receive you.

Listen now you who languish athirst, bowels rumbling in hunger: Bountiful tables—too wondrous to behold—are spread as ransom for your ruin.

Give thanks and rejoice you prisoners of misery: The Counsel of Mercy now argues your case in the court of the Most High.

Listen now you princes of contempt: The burdens you lay and the bonds you impose shall be seized and shattered and lifted and loosened.

Give thanks and rejoice you storm-tossed pilgrims: the Stiller of Storms is at your mast, hushing the wind and calming the waves.

Listen now you barking jackals: A diligent Voice will sever your tongue and seal your mouth forever.

Give thanks, you orphan and widow; rejoice, you refugee: Let the least of these join choirs of angels in grateful harmony! With Vindication near, no one need faint nor fear. Hope and harvest alike abound from hallowed, fertile ground. Let Wisdom’s Way endure; the Promised Reign, secure.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org