Linger no more

Incline your ears, Holy Harbor of refuge.

Give shelter for every storm-tossed and wind-whipped mariner.

The great sea of discontent is unleashed against your armada of hope.

We await your approach. Linger no more!

Deep is the muck and bitter the mire. Dim grows my eyes, weary from untended tears and throats too parched to utter my anguish.

We await your visitation. Linger no more!

Shame creeps across my face as crevices of despair yawn before me.

We await your presence. Linger no more!

May the scent of our sacrificial songs of zeal for creation’s Holy Habitation, the House of the Beloved, fill the skies with the fragrance of mercy.

Let the sounds of your steps echo from the ground.

Hasten the news of your uprising favor! Resurrect in us the impulse of praise!

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Psalm 69.