Nicodemus, stalwart among the Sincere-Upright Party of God, came to Jesus, confused.

“Rabbi-teacher,” says he, “your walk conforms to your word; your call, to your claim; your feats, to your faith. Why do you distance yourself from our Party?”

“Dear Brother Nicodemus,” Jesus replied, “none could be so right and so wrong. To walk in the Way requires birth from Above on the wings of a dove.”

“Can any re-enter a mother’s womb, to squeeze again through birth canal?” asked the stalwart.

“For God so loved,” said Jesus.

God so loved.

For God so loved the world—not just the soul, but the whole.

Every mountain, every mole.

The world’s ablaze with the Only Begotten, if we only had eyes to behold.

Like the wind upon the waters, the voice upon the deep,

Let the Spirit soak and save you, whole and lasting life to keep.