Offer your applause

People of Mercy, put your hands together for the One we adore, lift your cheers to the Tender of orphans and widows, to the Protector of migrant farmer and those crushed with medical debt.

[All clap and cheer!]

Release your grip on the gods of armed might, on strategies of shock and awe. Confound the tortured schemes of the White House, jolt the laggard vision of the church house, and raise the burdened hopes of the poor house.

[All clap and cheer!]

Offer your applause to the cause of the One yet unknown in the Pentagon and in the board rooms of privilege. Their profit margins and preemptive plans will be confounded, for the Prince of Peace approaches with a new agenda for investment.

[All clap and cheer!]

Rain will absorb every drought and mercy be restored to the marketplace. Lush meadows will break through the developer’s asphalt. Affordable homes will open for all whose hopes have been foreclosed. Those who buy and sell the futures of crops and petroleum, who barter menial wages for market share, will confront the One who crushes the delight for war and leads the prisoner to prosperity.

Our applause belongs to this One alone!

All praise to the Blessed One whose name is pronounced in the mending of creation and in remembrance of the forgotten.

Oh Lord of life, we come to you. Create in us a clean heart. Bless us in the work of blessing. Heal us in the work of healing. Light our path in the journey of love through the wilderness of enmity.

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Psalm 68.