When Pentecostal power erupts, all heaven’s gonna’ break loose.

The boundaries will be compromised; barriers will be broken; and borders will be breached.

Economies of privilege will be fractured, and the politics of enmity will be impeached.

The revenge of the Beloved is the reversal of Babel’s bequest.

“I will pour out my Spirit,” says the LORD.

Poured out not for escape to another world beyond the sky but here, amid the dust.

Poured out not on disembodied spirits but “upon all flesh.”

We stand amazed, astonished, even perplexed, and we ask, “What does this mean.”

It is to the agony of abandonment that Heaven is aroused.

Queer the One Who fashions a future for the disfavored.

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Acts 2, Isaiah 40:5 & Luke 3:6, adapted from the author’s longer poem, “Pentecostal Passion.”