Remind us again

As people of faith gather for prayer and praise, the first act is that of interrogation.

How long, oh Beloved, will you permit envy and enmity to choke the soil of our land and souls?

Why are the righteous silenced, the truth-tellers scorned?

Speak, oh Confidence of the Ages.

Train your eyes on our brittle bones and hungry hearts.

Draw near, You from whose womb earth was birthed and bathed in mercy.

Our land shakes and shatters under the weight of its discord; the sky wails and the sea churns.

Remind us again, oh maker of peace, oh drier of tear and calmer of storm, that lion and lamb share a common destiny.

Remind us again, that all is Yours and Love secures.

And now prepare, prepare, prepare ye the Way of the Lord!

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Psalm 82.