Riff on Isaiah five-eight

“I’m really tired of your smells and bells
           and frills and thrills.”
From the hollow of the Most High thunders the
complaint of Heaven against every piety peddler.

“Tired of your sanctimonious pomp and long-winded
     prayers; tired of your self-serving petitions
           for a downtown parking space.”

Good God a’Mighty, when we say our hail marys,
     our thank-you-jesuses and our god-bless-americas—
           why don’t you tip your hat and offer a prize?!

“Your prayer breakfasts don’t cut it, given the way you
     treat school teachers and ICE-hounded immigrants.”

You really want to galvanize Good-God attention?
You really want the Vindicator’s might to dispel every
blight, every menace and every fret, every poacher, every threat?

Here’s a hint: Undo your oppressive laws, and give the
     sinned-against a break.

Share your meal-ticketed fortune with the beggar-bowled;
     unlock the doors of warm houses for the frostbitten.

God just might bless such an America, and light might
     break through from your darkest cell blocks.

Maybe then your decayed cities will be rebuilt;
           your makers and takers find a common future.
                       E pluribus unum, y’all.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Inspired by Isaaiah 58. ICE – acronymn for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. federal government.