Seasons of crucifixion

We gather in wonder at the times in which we live.

As with the disciples of old, the seasons of crucifixion seem endless.

Yet life beyond what was imagined appears and beckons us forward.

Who can believe such news?

Only those with open eyes, willing hands and supple hearts.

The voice of Jesus speaks anew.

Follow me!

And we shall follow.

We follow not because of worthy claim.

For our lives are marked by tattered hopes and failed dreams.

Shame and disappointment stand in accusation.

But their threats wither in the face of grace.

The voice of Jesus speaks anew:

Follow me!

The humiliating power of the cross has been scattered; the stone of the burial tomb rolled away. Come, my friends. The journey continues. Provision is promised. Mercy is assured to fuel the mission at hand. Be of good cheer.

All with ears to hear, draw near, draw near. Be of good cheer, be of good cheer!

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