Shadow-bound eyes

Blessed be the God of earth’s garden-green home. Great is your mercy; and tender, your might.

You raise up a Ransom to barter our fate from death’s sure dominion and every dark fright.

From slavery’s chains you fashion a scepter to heal and reveal Heaven’s righteous intent.

From landless oppression to harvest aplenty, by a path through deep waters of drowning lament.

For barren Elizabeth: a seed now conceives, for redemption of shame and repentance to preach.

For priestly Zechariah: now muddled, befuddled by angel’s ascent, implausible news now arresting all speech.

To such are conception and vision conveyed. Disgrace now removed and tongue soon released.

The dawn shall soon break on all shadow-bound eyes: guiding, confiding all footsteps to peace.

Then John grew in stature, in measure and spirit.

Wilderness dwelling, all penitent hear it.

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah in Luke 1.