Spirit-led and Spirit-fed

Drenched by Jordan’s buoyant power, confirmed by dove’s anointing perch, conformed to Heaven’s sundering plow, bewildering days now beckon.

Spirit-led and Spirit-fed, off to the famishing wilds now tread.

To face the full force of the Tempter’s enticements: Can the river’s wet mark endure wilderness heat?

Spirit-led and Spirit-fed, pondering stones transformed into bread.

Ascending the mountain, its vistas of power, relentless domain and virulent reign.

Spirit-led and Spirit-fed, allured by the promise of royal-crowned head.

To piety’s palace, the temple’s high peak, fame could gotten by magical feat.

Spirit-led and Spirit-fed, with majesty, regency, glory now wed.

Yet the Tempter’s allure, the Confuser’s bright lie, failed to temper that wandering pilgrim’s reply.

Spirit-led and Spirit-fed, the wilderness welcomes us all.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Inspired by Luke 4:1-13.