The Name will not be tamed

Every bird in flight, every creature of sea, every hair of every head is numbered and known.

In darkness and in light, whether happy or sad, asleep or awake, there is an Advocate who lingers, Who does not forget, Who notices every tear and cherishes all laughter.

Who is this Advocate, this gracious Father, this guardian Mother, this Presence whose Way is peace, whose Will is justice, whose Weal is shaped in mercy.

This One’s name cannot be contained, cannot be captured, cannot be controlled.

The Name above every name will not be tamed, will always slip from grasping hands, will not be hoarded or harvested for a profit.

The Blessed One comes to those with empty hands; to those on bended knee; to those of generous heart and gentle tongue.

This is the Master who abolishes slavery; the Lord who banishes privilege; the Savior who redeems without revenge.

Be Thou my vision, O Redeemer of all.

ALL SINGING (“Be Thou My Vision” tune): Heart of my own heart, whatever befall; still be my vision, O Servant of all.

©Ken Sehested @