The voice of Wisdom

A litany for worship inspired by Proverbs 8

Listen to the voice of Wisdom, O people of folly. Hear the voice of understanding as She makes Her stand at the city gate and presides in the town square.

“All of you, hear my cry. Your lives are marked by trivial pursuits. Deceitful ways and crooked days are unbecoming, no matter how much gold acquired or jewel-attired.”

Guided by Wisdom’s voice every ruler’s choice leans toward just and worthy decrees.

By Wisdom’s way the earth conveys redemption’s mercy tree.

Before all time did Wisdom rhyme the depths with mountains’ frame.

Before fertile field did yield its store, there Wisdom made her claim.

‘Twas in God’s design did Wisdom shine, resplendent firmament.

‘Twas in God’s delight, by day, by night, by Her the world content.

Sing out, O pilgrim—raise your hymn—to Wisdom’s melody.

Recite Her ways with constant praise, confirm the Jubilee!


©Ken Sehested @