Unimagined grace

Stand amazed, you betrothed of unimagined Grace.
     Your siege is ending.

The Regent of Heaven shall come
    to reclaim the earth,
          to restore its shared inheritance,
     to redeem its memory of mercy
                 and its generous harvest.

In those days the remnant of pardon will arrive
from every far-flung hill and hamlet.
     Among them will be the shamed and forsaken,
           the exposed and exploited; the blind and the lame
                 and the laboring women.

A new day will break with stunning news: Wisdom’s
     womb shall confound every weapon’s contempt.

Disconsolate tears form streams of pure gladness.
     All shall approach without stumbling or regret.

My people will be known as a garden of plenty.
     Dancing shoes and festive attire will displace
           every mourner’s ashen array.

From the least to the greatest, no sorrow, no sin,
     shall offend or rescind Heaven’s ransomed delight.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Inspired by Jeremiah 31.