We shall not be moved

Happy are you who do not heed the advice of evil ones, or take the path of deceivers, or sit in the chambers of the haughty. We shall not be moved!

But our delight is in the Way of Life; we labor along its path by day and we are wrapped in its protection by night. And we shall not be moved!

Because of this, you are like trees planted by fresh streams of water, yielding your fruit in season, holding your leaves without fail. Your future is assured. We shall not be moved!

The self-centered are absorbed in empty boasts. They are driven by foul winds. They shall be scattered to distant wastelands, withering in wanton decay. But we shall not be moved!

People of Mercy, live in the world, but don’t get addicted to its junk food. Don’t get hooked on its sugary colas. For we shall not be moved!

Our face is set, no fear, no regret. With hearts approved, we shall not be moved!

As planted tree by flowing stream, as ripened fruit from nurturing vine, mercy ever be our theme as we abide in love divine.

Singing: We shall not, we shall not be moved. {x2} Just like a tree planted by the waters, we shall not be moved.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Inspired by Psalm 1 [A revision of “Bound to This Freedom.”]