What of it?

A litany for worship inspired by 1 Corinthians 12

by Ken Sehested

Sisters and brothers, you still don’t seem to get it, all this arguing over which gift of the Spirit is more important or deserves more attention in your newsletter.

Fact is, all gifts—all your abilities, however modest or great; all your commitments and tasks, however mundane or noteworthy—come from the same Spirit.

If you preach good, teach well or sing beautifully:

What of it? It’s not a star in your crown; it’s for the building up of the body.

If you cook for the homeless or get serious about recycling:

What of it? It’s for the common good.

If you go to Cuba, or offer words of encouragement to our young ones; if you check up on those who are sick of body or mind, or get arrested for an act of conscience:

What of it? Its all for the glory of God and the health of the community.

If you make hospital visits, or advocate for just public policies, or risk your financial security for the sake of the church’s mission, or get your writing published:

What of it? You don’t get special credit.

If you sacrifice for your children, or someone else’s children; or even if you risk your neck for the Beloved Community:

Don’t get all high and mighty and come-uppity!

The last thing you want is to get to heaven and discover there’s no VIP lounge.

If you can’t see whatever you do as but one tiny piece of the God Movement puzzle,

Then you are a lost soul and need to get born again, born from above,

Restored to right-relatedness in the Commonwealth of God.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org.