When you call I will answer

All who dwell in the dell of the Blessed Embrace shall raise anthems of joy and grace.

My fortress, my shield, by mercy concealed: O Shelter, my shiv’ring displace.

The Protector uncovers the snare of the fowler and snatches from ravaging claws. ’Neath Redemption’s wide wings every heart soars and sings, every voice, every hand, shouts applause!

The terrors of night shall stalk you no longer, nor the arrows that fly by day. The pestilent shadows no longer encroach, nor savaging tremors dismay.

Scuttle the fear of wrath’s pure fright, all restive disquiet allay. Confound the vandal of wreckage and ruin, and the prowler lurking its prey.

With the Lord now your refuge and holy abode, no evil can track your ascent. For angels hover o’er you, their hands to restore you, when feet stumble hard in lament.

“When you call I will answer,” says Love Everlasting. “Cleave to me and none shall assail.”

Now may honor adorn you, long life befriend you; arrayed in redemption, your future prevail.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Inspired by Psalm 91.