Widow woman

The great and mighty judge had no use for God,
neither for people, save the few with favors to grant
or flattery to display.

Widow woman, widow woman,
     face bathed in tears.

Least of the judge’s concerns were the pitiful pleas
of those with no standing in the courtrooms of the mighty.

Widow woman, widow woman,
     choking back her fears.

Confound this pesky woman!
Grant her justice just to shut her up!

Widow woman, widow woman,
     you done worn that ol’ judge out.

Will not the Judge of judges hear?
Hear and respond? Respond and redeem?
Will persevering faith be found on the earth?

Widow woman, widow woman,
     time to sing and shout!

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Inspired by Luke 18:1-8.