Companions of comfort

A pastoral prayer

by Nancy Hastings Sehested

Holy One, 

We give thanks for places of sanctuary to tend to the heart. Thank you for this circle who practices your way . . . who are quick to laugh, generous in mercy, hearty in hope. 

We give thanks for curious stories that nudge us to act with cleverness, creativity and compassion within such agonizingly unjust systems. May we be found as your church that has some tricks up the ole sleeve for the common good. 

For those whose sorrows are too tender to name, and those whose tragedies are too vast to number, and those whose anguish and anxiety has become a vise grip of pain, open up channels of mercy. Send companions of comfort to ease the burdens. 

Surround us with Your Spirit that swirls with a presence that unites, that heals, that transforms. 

May we mend this outer world according to the truth of our inner life in your Spirit. May our souls be shaped and nurtured by your endless love. 


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