Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi

Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world (John 1:29)

by Ken Sehested

Does the Lamb of God truly take away
the sins of the world? The question is
more than a forensic exercise. The
question brings us to a momentous
fork in the road.

§ If so, then how can we who affirm this
conviction fail to live into its consequences—
promised though not yet prospered—of
withdrawing from and standing against
the logic of retaliation and every
bloodletting endeavor. It is not
                JUST WAR.
                    It is
                 just war.

§ If so, are we not under the mandate of
Scripture’s repeated caveat against
using evil means to resist evil ends?

§ If not, then infidelity reigns, and all are
free to pursue, without qualm, every
passion that arises in the contention
of each against all; for there can be
no basis, no argument, no code of
conduct demanding respect, since all
such codes are mere show designed to
               justify the mighty
                       in their
       profiteering of the meager.

§ If not, do not mourn, do not regret,
do not repent, do not deprecate
afterwards for the barbarous, feral
character resulting in and enthroned
by each victory over beasts.
Penance after the fact is tomfoolery:
             it does not purchase
                    divine favor,
                        for God
              cannot be bought.

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