Mary's song of praise

by Ken Sehested

Hail, O favored one!
But Mary was greatly troubled
at the angel's erupting, interrupting greeting.

No wonder.
The annunciation of heaven
splitting earth
is always troubling
Mountains shake
hearts quiver
at the sound of God's rousing.

No wonder.
Such announcements stir dangerous memory:
the crumbling of ambition,
quakes rending high places,
saviors emerging from mangers
to subvert palaces and princes and priests.

Hail, O favored one!
Heaven's comedy breaks with a grin:
into the womb of a teenage peasant,
to shepherds standing in dung-filled fields,
to goyim—refuse of creation—from distant lands
who decipher God's signature in the very stars.

With Mary, Herod also shudders,
gripped with fear,
at the sound of this heavenly Hail!
His heart, too, is troubled
But Herod-hearts
cast slaughtered innocents
in their wake.

Only those with wombs of welcome
to heaven's Annunciation
can magnify God and heal the earth.

©ken sehested @ Inspired by Luke 1:47-55