Behold, the Lamb!

O Lamb of God
fruit of the Spirit
flesh-giv’n of Mary
creation shall hear it!

O Lamb of God
Joseph sits shiv’ring
Mary lies aching
creatures stir, restless.

O Lamb of God
Herod stomps, raging
shepherds peer, trembling
wise ones kneel, puzzling.

O Lamb of God
stable-born suckling
feeding creation
from cattle trough manger.

O Lamb of God
born midst the mourning
hearts taken hostage
bloodshed adorning.

O Lamb of God
sigh of our longing
creation groaning
baptized in slaughter.

O Lamb of God
warrior of mercy
heaven’s revolt
against human revenge.

O Lamb of God
sanctioning Satan
creation’s Promise
‘til death is undone.

O Lamb of God
urgently hasten
embolden our hearts
inscribe salvation.

Behold, the Lamb!
disarming the powers
healing the nations
worthy the name.

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by John 1:29 and multiple reference in Revelation. Advent 1992.