Celebrant of mercy

From the Beginning, the Sovereign’s harness of the seer’s
     tongue assures a turbulent course. Announcing the
           surety of Providence among scarce-minded
           people—that’s no way to cover a mortgage.

            Blessed is the tongue that proclaims God’s ciphering.

To where may we turn for food that does not spoil,
for water that does not spill, for the bounty which neither
     rusts nor rots, unthreatened by thieves of every kind?

            Blessed are the hands of those who set
            the Beloved’s table, bidding the least,
            the lost, and the lame to gather round!

As Wisdom sets her table along the parade of confusion,
     as Jesus lifts bread on the evening of betrayal, the
     called-of-God face contempt and endure dismissal.

            Blessed are the eyes who sing the song of Salvation;
            blessed, the ears tuned to the melody of God’s future!

Fear not, oh celebrant of Mercy,
           God’s slow-food Movement is underway.

The Table of Memory is set against the
           world’s fast-food habits that fatten
                       arteries and ravage hearts.

Therefore let us eat in plenty, cups overflowing provide,
     may this table’s delight inspire earth’s urgent petition:
           that one day, all shall eat and be satisfied.

©Ken Sehested @ prayerandpolitiks.org. Written to celebrate the anniversary of a friend’s ordination.