The problem with humility is that
if you think you have some, you
probably don’t. No mirror exists
that will reflect it. And trying to
check on your “humility quotient”
is like pulling up a plant to see if
the roots are developing.

Genuine humility is swayed neither
by promise of heaven nor threat of hell.
Humility is blind to every lovely face,
every bar of achievement, every
seductive gesture save that of God.
Not because God is possessive or
judgmental or petulant. God is
delightful. Once you experience
that Delight, all other measurements
seem frivolous.

Once you experience that Delight,
you become fearless, free from the
clutches both of vanity and hesitation
alike. Such self-forgetfulness gives
rise to freedom, and freedom results
in audaciousness, for in the Presence
of such a Lover no gain can boast nor
loss encroach.

Grace, grace alone, is sufficient, and
thereby focuses life’s choices: the whole
world is destined for the Beloved’s
embrace, and we are the advance heralds
of this Beloved Community.

©Ken Sehested @